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      1. 安全、高速、放心的軟件下載

        [流行英文歌曲]加州二女生 The Ditty Bops - Short Stacks

        時間:2019-05-21 09:27:39來源:不詳人氣:0


        The Ditty Bops - Short Stacks

        I am treading on cow pile mountains
        Before you answer my call
        Lounging at breakfast a recoiled monster
        With tied mouth somehow telling all

        Before it breaks before you've listened
        Short stacks are sitting high
        Lips are dry maybe you're guessing why

        Don't mean to make you sick
        It just works out that way
        You say it's walnut bread
        We know it's what I say

        Friends do tell me it's best to say little
        The less you put out the less that's gone
        But sitting here lazing the smaller I feel
        'Cause I expand when I let on

        My love for you is not like friendship
        Can you tell from my brave toned words
        This timid girl likes very much your hand


        The Ditty Bops是由來自加州的兩名女生Amanda Barrett 和 Abby Dewald 組成的,Amanda Barrett擅長飄琴和洋琴,而Abby Dewald則負責吉他的演奏。她們兩人1999年便在紐約相識,但當時并未組合。在一次偶然的寵物貓丟失尋找過程中,她們來到一個陌生人的后院,意外的發現這個陌生人竟然是個音樂家和狂熱的吉他收藏者,也正是這名音樂家的鼓勵使得她們兩人走上了音樂之路。她們的音樂類型豐富多樣,folk, bluegrass,jazz,western swing,ragtime和musical theater等等均有涉及。她們完美的協調和配合以及幽默嬉戲的曲風給人留下了深刻的印象。The Ditty Bops于2004年發布了他們的第一張同名專輯《The Ditty Bops》,《Moon Over The Freeway》則是于2006年發布的第二張專輯。在第二張專輯發布之后,她們進行了一次從洛杉機到紐約的自行車騎行,以此來記念這張專輯的發布。