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      1. 視頻剪切視頻分割-VEdit Video Cutter and Merger安卓版

        視頻剪切-VEdit Video Cutter

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        • 類別:文件管理大?。?/em>16.73 MB
        • 日期:2019-09-16語言:簡體中文
        • 星級:
        • 版本:7.1
        • 平臺:Android All
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        2.點第一個圖標“Video Trim(視頻剪裁)”
        5.最后一圖選第一個選項“Quick Trim (快速剪裁 不重新編碼)”,也就是無損剪裁,點下面的“Cut & Save(剪裁并保存)”。

        Looking for an easy and simple video cutter or merger app with professional features? 
        VEdit Video Cutter and Merger is what you need! “VEdit” is very simple and easy to use video editor with many powerful features without watermark or logo on the output video. It can cut (trim), merge (join), convert any video to mp3 and change audio in any video file. Simplicity is one main key feature we concentrated on during the development of this app. 

        Here are some quick features of this "VEdit Video Cutter and Merger"
        Video trimmer. Trim or cut video clips right on your device.
        Video Merger. Merge or join unlimited number of video files into one file.
        Video to Audio Converter. Converts any video to mp3 audio file.
        Change audio or mute the sound of any video file.
        Supports most popular video formats.
        Playback video clips.
        No watermark or logo on the output video.
        Built using FFMPEG great media library 
        Smart and simple user interface.

        Uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL.
        • 視頻剪切-VEdit Video Cutter
        • 視頻剪切-VEdit Video Cutter
        • 視頻剪切-VEdit Video Cutter
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        視頻剪切視頻分割-VEdit Video Cutter and Merger安卓版
        最好用的視頻剪切軟件Machete_ 4.2build22彎刀剪切工具